Users unable to import iCloud backups on iPad without iOS 12.1.2

[Source: iMore]
If you just bought the new iPad 9.7 or the iPad Pro then getting started is kinda difficult due to some technical issue.

For the new iPad 9.7 or iPad Pro, it is literally impossible for the users to restore from an updated iPhone through iCloud or iTunes because iPad hasn’t been updated to iOS 12.1.2 by Apple yet.

For the new iPad users, it is really frustrating especially if they have only their iPhone to import all the data from.

For iPhone, the latest version of iOS is iOS 12.1.2, which was released by Apple to solve some eSIM problems, however, for iPad, it is still stuck at iOS 12.1.1.

Although iPad doesn’t need the latest update, iOS 12.1.2 because there aren’t any eSIM issues with iPad but it does need it so users can import backup data from their iPhone.

Users can’t import the backup data if their iPhone is on a higher version of iOS while their iPad is at a lower version, as in this case. So, if you have got an iPhone on iOS 12.2.12 then you won’t be able to import iCloud or iTunes backup from iPhone.

Apple confirmed about this issue to TechRadar:

“You’re correct. You would not be able to restore a backup from an iOS version later than what’s currently installed,”

As far as the solution for this issue go, users being unable to import data from iCloud or iTunes backup then it is to wait for Apple to release the software update for iPad which will match the software version to iPhone’s software version.

There is, however, another solution but it is not recommended. For that, you will have to tap into the Apple Developer toolkit which costs about $99 and then update to the latest beta version of iOS. By doing so, you will be able to import user data from iCloud or iTunes backup

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