Apple releases an unscheduled update of iCloud for Windows

iCloud-for-WindowsDue to major incompatibility issue of iCloud for Windows with the latest update of Windows 10, Apple released an update for iCloud only a few days ago and now, there has been an unscheduled iCloud for Windows update released by Apple and is now available for download.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, this updates also comes with several security fixes and users who are running an older version of iCloud on their Windows PC should install this update as soon as possible as they will less vulnerable to security threats. Continue reading “Apple releases an unscheduled update of iCloud for Windows”

A new tool can extract Health Data from iCloud

Health Icon iOSApple constantly makes use of cloud sync and is also expanding this feature as well as the amount of information synchronized with iCloud. Starting with iOS 11, Apple expanded this and began to synchronize Health Data with iCloud.

Due to this synchronization, the Health Data is available across all of the Apple devices which are running the same iCloud account. Continue reading “A new tool can extract Health Data from iCloud”

Apple releases iCloud for Windows Update to fix the incompatibility issue

iCloudA few days ago, Microsoft blocked the iCloud for Windows app from being installed by Windows users after a bug was discovered which made the app incompatible with the Windows 10 version 1809.

The issue discovered by Apple was an incompatibility which could result in users facing problems when updating the Shared Albums. Many users who already had iCloud prior to the update have encountered bugs such as trouble with syncing photos. Continue reading “Apple releases iCloud for Windows Update to fix the incompatibility issue”

iCloud for Windows having incompatibility issues with Windows 10 latest update

iCloud-for-WindowsMicrosoft recently released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update which had a lot of issues, the main being users’ files getting deleted but now Microsoft has decided that it will block the update on devices which are not compatible with the update.

Microsoft is blocking the update on devices which have an incompatible version of iCloud for Windows (version installed. In a support document, Microsoft says that Apple has identified the issue of iCloud and is working to fix the issue. Continue reading “iCloud for Windows having incompatibility issues with Windows 10 latest update”

Several users locked out of their iCloud Accounts

[Source: TekRevue]
A large number of users on Twitter reported about their iCloud accounts that their iCloud accounts got locked down overnight.

There is nothing confirmed that what caused this incident to happen. The thing that most of us are interested in including me to find out what was the cause but most importantly most people want to get back into their accounts.

Despite this wave of a serious issue, Apple’s System Status page has not shown any problems with Apple ID.

Continue reading “Several users locked out of their iCloud Accounts”

Apple iCloud services back up after being down

iCloudApple’s iCloud services experienced a major outage in which users were having problems accessing iCloud based apps and services such as Find My iPhone, Notes.  On the Apple’s System Status page, about 21 services related to iCloud were experiencing some sort of issue.iCloud-Services-Down

The outage affected Apple’s key services like iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup and some other productivity apps that sync using the iCloud platform.

Apart from major services like iCloud Drive and Find My iPhone being affected, there were other apps and services too that rely on Apple’s iCloud secure platform were affected including iCloud Keychain and account sign in for all the Apple devices.

After about two hours, the services were fully restored. The outage occurred on 11:51 PM ET(23-10-18) and the services were restored at 1:55 AM ET after being down for more than two hours.

Apple releases Security Updates for iCloud and iOS


Apple’s security is considered to be one of the best on the Internet but every software has some vulnerability that needs to be fixed and as new features are added every day, the number of vulnerabilities increase which is to be resolved as they are found.

There were found certain vulnerabilities in both iOS 12 and iCloud for Windows which Apple fixed as Apple has just released a new batch of security updates for iOS 12 and iCloud resolving numerous serious vulnerabilities. Continue reading “Apple releases Security Updates for iCloud and iOS”

iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!

iCloud-MemojiiOS 12 is the latest iteration and was just released publicly but Apple has also released iOS 12.1 beta for developers. Though it may seem very soon for the release of beta software but the software is never really completed. There is always something missing or a bug due to which it is never completed.

So, it makes sense that why has Apple rolled out the first beta of iOS 12.1 so the developers can review the bugs and fix them and try out the new features too. Continue reading “iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!”