How to Enable Messages in iCloud on Mac?

iCloud-MessagesMessages in iCloud feature along with iOS is also available on the latest versions of Mac OS. If you don’t know about Messages in iCloud then it is a feature introduced this year by Apple which allows the Messages to updated across all of your Apple devices through the iCloud Syncing feature.

Considering that you are using the same Apple ID on all of your devices, your Messages will now sync through iCloud and if you delete a message from one of your devices then it will be removed from other devices too.

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How to restore Apple watch from an iCloud Backup?

Apple Watch
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If you use iCloud Backup on your iPhone and you had paired your Apple Watch to your iPhone then an automatic backup would have been created when you last unpaired your Watch.

If you use iTunes then it will also create an automatic backup but it will only include all of the data of the backup if iTunes Backups are encrypted. Continue reading “How to restore Apple watch from an iCloud Backup?”

Apple iCloud services back up after being down

iCloudApple’s iCloud services experienced a major outage in which users were having problems accessing iCloud based apps and services such as Find My iPhone, Notes.  On the Apple’s System Status page, about 21 services related to iCloud were experiencing some sort of issue.iCloud-Services-Down

The outage affected Apple’s key services like iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup and some other productivity apps that sync using the iCloud platform.

Apart from major services like iCloud Drive and Find My iPhone being affected, there were other apps and services too that rely on Apple’s iCloud secure platform were affected including iCloud Keychain and account sign in for all the Apple devices.

After about two hours, the services were fully restored. The outage occurred on 11:51 PM ET(23-10-18) and the services were restored at 1:55 AM ET after being down for more than two hours.

Apple denies the report of “spy” chips found in iCloud Servers

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg reported today that about three years ago, Chinese Military started inserting spying microchips on the Supermicro server motherboards whilst they were being engineered in China. These Chips provided Chinese government a stealth and sneaky passageway into any network that used the tampered hardware.

The report quotes an official who said that while investigating, investigators found out that about 30 companies were attacked including Apple, Amazon, along with a major bank and government contractors in the United States.  Continue reading “Apple denies the report of “spy” chips found in iCloud Servers”

How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?

iCloud-DriveGot yourself a Mac device and want to easily move things between your devices? Well, you can easily do it with the help of Apple’s Cloud service called iCloud.

With the help of iCloud, not only will your files be safe on the iCloud Drive but it will also optimize the storage of your Mac and you will also be able to sync files and documents between your devices. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?”

How to recover deleted Contacts from iCloud?

iCloud-ContactsAnother feature of iCloud is that your contacts are available across all of your devices thanks to Contact Syncing by which you can sync your contacts across all of your devices so, you won’t need to add the same contact on each device.

However, if you accidentally delete a contact from any one of your devices then you can lose that contact from all of your devices as it is actually synced across all of them. Continue reading “How to recover deleted Contacts from iCloud?”

How to recover deleted files from iCloud?(Mac)

iCloud-DeleteFor users, Apple has been very discreet. Always giving users the minimum access over the things. Though it is not bad that users are not given full access due to security, at least they should be given the basic access to the files.

With basic access, I mean that users should be able to locate the files, move them and recover them if lost or deleted. Though Photos and Videos can be recovered still there are many other files and documents besides Photos and Videos. Continue reading “How to recover deleted files from iCloud?(Mac)”

How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?

There is no doubt that iCloud’s Synchronization feature is great and comes in handy but there is a major problem with that. When your Mac runs out of storage then to conserve the storage space, it automatically deletes the local copies of files and storage from your Mac.

Though the file still appears to be available on the hard drive, it is actually present on iCloud Drive and to access that file, your Mac will download that file from the iCloud Drive. Continue reading “How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?”