Find My iPhone feature helps to arrest a convict

Find My iPhoneIf you are familiar with iCloud then you probably must have heard about a feature called Find My iPhone. It is a handy and useful feature which not only helps you to find the precise location of your lost iPhone but also protects your device in case it is restored using iTunes.

It is always a good idea to have Find My iPhone enabled on your iPhone in order to locate it or erase it if something bad happens. Continue reading “Find My iPhone feature helps to arrest a convict”

How to remotely check iCloud Activation Lock status?

Find My iPhoneLast year, Apple suddenly disabled the iCloud Activation Lock Status tool. This tool allowed the users to the check that the device they are buying from someone has Find My iPhone feature enabled or not.

This was helpful for users as it provided an easy way for users to find out that the device they are purchasing from anyone online is iCloud unlocked or not i.e Find My iPhone enabled or disabled. It helped the users to not being scammed into buying a stolen or lost device. Continue reading “How to remotely check iCloud Activation Lock status?”

How to remotely disable Find My iPhone using iCloud?

Find My iPhoneFind My iPhone is an anti-theft locking system which is developed by Apple for its devices to prevent any type of mishap if something wrong occurs. It is both a blessing and a curse.

If your device gets stolen with Find My iPhone enabled then it will be nearly impossible for anyone to access your device but in case you forget your passcode and want to reset your iPhone using iTunes then you will need to disable Find My iPhone from Settings. Continue reading “How to remotely disable Find My iPhone using iCloud?”

Apple iCloud services back up after being down

iCloudApple’s iCloud services experienced a major outage in which users were having problems accessing iCloud based apps and services such as Find My iPhone, Notes.¬† On the Apple’s System Status page, about 21 services related to iCloud were experiencing some sort of issue.iCloud-Services-Down

The outage affected Apple’s key services like iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup and some other productivity apps that sync using the iCloud platform.

Apart from major services like iCloud Drive and Find My iPhone being affected, there were other apps and services too that rely on Apple’s iCloud secure platform were affected including iCloud Keychain and account sign in for all the Apple devices.

After about two hours, the services were fully restored. The outage occurred on 11:51 PM ET(23-10-18) and the services were restored at 1:55 AM ET after being down for more than two hours.