How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?

There is no doubt that iCloud’s Synchronization feature is great and comes in handy but there is a major problem with that. When your Mac runs out of storage then to conserve the storage space, it automatically deletes the local copies of files and storage from your Mac.

Though the file still appears to be available on the hard drive, it is actually present on iCloud Drive and to access that file, your Mac will download that file from the iCloud Drive. Continue reading “How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?”

iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!

iCloud-MemojiiOS 12 is the latest iteration and was just released publicly but Apple has also released iOS 12.1 beta for developers. Though it may seem very soon for the release of beta software but the software is never really completed. There is always something missing or a bug due to which it is never completed.

So, it makes sense that why has Apple rolled out the first beta of iOS 12.1 so the developers can review the bugs and fix them and try out the new features too. Continue reading “iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!”

How to download files from iCloud Drive? (

iCloud-DriveNot only is iCloud a good sync and backup service but you can also store your files and document on your iCloud Drive. These files and documents remain safe and secure on the iCloud Drive as long as you want them to.

You may be thinking that iCloud is not like other services. You don’t get the freedom as you get in other services. Yes, you don’t really get the freedom but still, your files and documents┬ácan be accessed by you any time you want to. Continue reading “How to download files from iCloud Drive? (”

How to free up storage space with iCloud Photos optimized storage?(Mac)

iCloud PhotosA problem that we all may run into sometimes when using a Mac device is that it may run out of storage. It occurs frequently with users who have 128 GB or 256 GB versions. This storage space is pretty low due to which most of us encounter this error.

When a user encounters such an error the first they do is that check their storage space. Sometimes any other app can be the reason that it may be consuming too much of your storage space but if the reason is the Photos app then there is a very good solution for that. Continue reading “How to free up storage space with iCloud Photos optimized storage?(Mac)”

Voice Memos get iCloud Support with iOS 12

iCloud-Voice-MemosiOS 12 is just about to be released and there are coming various new features with it, most of which are performance related to making the iOS experience smoother, faster and better than before.

A feature that is noteworthy is that the Voice Memos app is completely redesigned and new features are added to it. It is also coming to iPad and is also getting iCloud Support so, you can record and sync your voice notes across other devices. Continue reading “Voice Memos get iCloud Support with iOS 12”

How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?

iCloud-DriveApple iCloud is a little trick of magic that not only stores your data but also sync your data across other devices. iCloud not only supports the stock iOS apps but it also supports third-party apps too meaning that these apps can also use iCloud Drive to store data.

But not every app need to store its data and consume the storage of iCloud Drive. You can individually select which apps can use iCloud Drive and which can not. Continue reading “How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?”

How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?

iCloud-DriveFor many years, Apple really had no solution for their file and document across different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But the solution for that is iCloud Drive by which you can manage your files and documents across different devices.

If you have an iCloud account then you can start using iCloud Drive right now. In the start, all users get 5 GB of free storage space which is very low but for some files and documents, it could be enough. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?”

Why should you use iCloud?

iCloudiCloud is one of the best services that Apple has to offer and no doubt it is a great service. It allows you to do all the basic things that you want to on a cloud storage service. All the basic things are available on iCloud and iCloud is one of the most used cloud services in the world.

But why should use iCloud instead of other cloud services? What’s so unique about iCloud that most of the Apple users recommend it? Well, let’s find out. Continue reading “Why should you use iCloud?”