Super Micro found no evidence of iCloud spy chips after audit

Super Micro MotherboardIn a letter to its customers, Super Micro has again denied Bloomberg’s reports about any chips inside its motherboards used by Apple in its iCloud servers. Super Micro reached out to its customer by a letter saying that the promised audit is now complete and there is no evidence whatsoever of the attack in the hardware or the software.

Nardell & Co, a third-party audit firm was given the task for the audit and it not only looked at the engineering documents but it also tested the sample motherboards which were not only in the production but also the motherboards which were supplied to Apple and Amazon. 

The audit firm found no evidence of any chipset that could have performed the surveillance and pass along the data of the servers.

Super Micro also said that it is continuing to evaluate its legal actions in response to the story from Bloomberg. Due to this report, the Super Micro’s stock fell from $21.40 to $12.60 in only one day which caused a lot of harm to the company. Since then, it has climbed to $16.35 only.

As soon as the report was published, Apple quickly denied the allegations made against it and said that it had conducted a massive, granular, and siloed investigation.

However, Bloomberg is still sticking to its part of the story and isn’t backing down from the claims made in the reports.

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