Super Micro begins internal investigation regarding Chinese Spy chips

Super Micro MotherboardAfter Bloomberg reported about tiny spy chips placed inside motherboards made by Super Micro and these motherboards were also used by Apple to store their users’ iCloud Data.

All the parties which were accused of being affected by this incident including Apple have openly denied about this incident or finding any evidence regarding this reported incident.

The involved parties have been backed by US’ and UK’s intelligence companies who have also cited that there has been no evidence found.

The manufacturer, Super Micro has started an internal investigation regarding this incident. Although it has been openly denied by the company that any such tiny chips were implanted in their hardware by the Chinese military, still the company will investigate its hardware for any modification.

The investigation will be very expensive and time-costly for Super Micro and to look for alleged tiny chips implanted on the hardware which are said to be the size of a grain, it will take a huge part of company’s labor and budget.

Despite the denials from the involved parties including Super Micro, Apple, and AmazonBloomberg is still sticking to its part of the story.

Super Micro hasn’t said anything about how long with this investigation take and when will be the findings of the investigation revealed.

Super Micro has sent letters to Senators Richard Blumenthal and Marco Rubio in which Super Micro’s Senior Vice President said that:

“Supermicro has seen no evidence of any unauthorized components in our products, no government agency has informed that they have found unauthorized components. We are working on a more detailed response to your letter,”