Several users locked out of their iCloud Accounts

[Source: TekRevue]
A large number of users on Twitter reported about their iCloud accounts that their iCloud accounts got locked down overnight.

There is nothing confirmed that what caused this incident to happen. The thing that most of us are interested in including me to find out what was the cause but most importantly most people want to get back into their accounts.

Despite this wave of a serious issue, Appleā€™s System Status page has not shown any problems with Apple ID.

If your one of those users who account got locked down then you would have a pop-up alert that will take you directly to iCloud Settings.

You can also manually do it by going to iCloud Settings from the Settings of your iPhone/iPad and then tapping on iCloud ID banner. For Mac devices, you can launch the System Preferences and then click on iCloud to go to iCloud.

Next, you can try the following steps:

  • If you were logged out of your iCloud Account then you should try signing in using your existing password. Depending on your settings, you may need to provide two-factor authentication.
  • If your account has been locked down then you may have to answer your security questions to regain access or use another, already verified, one associated with your recovery phone number to authenticate and also two-factor authentication too if that’s been set up.
  • If you suspect suspicious activity then immediately login into your account which you will be able to do by following one of the aforementioned steps and then change your password.

Apple is currently looking into the matter and what caused the issue.

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