Paul Manafort and iCloud Blunder

Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty
Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty

Paul Manafort was the political advisor of President Trump in the Elections 2016 and was chairman of his presidential campaign was convicted in the month of August on eight counts of tax and bank fraud has agreed to plead guilty office special counsel.

The obstruction count came from a very unlike source, his iCloud Account and he is said to have owned “20 Apple Devices” which shows his affection for Apple products.

According to Manafort’s attorney. when the Federal Agents raided his house then seized a large number of Apple devices from his house. When the federal agents raided they seized seven iPods, four iPhones, one MacBook Air, one iMac (including one Solid State Drive (SSD) and one Hard Disk Drive (HDD)), two iPads, and single iPods and iPhones.

However, some of the devices were taken in an improper and the Special Counsel had promised not to introduce those devices or evidence from them.

Now that Manafort has agreed to cooperate and will “fully, truthfully, completely and forthrightly,” cooperate. He has also agreed to turn over all relevant documents and materials that he has and now we may find what was exactly on his devices(iPods) that he was hiding.

But the main blunder he did was that he used the un-encrypted iCloud account that got him into trouble. Manafort had contacted two of the potential witnesses improperly via WhatsApp according to the prosecutors.

This was discovered by the FBI due to Manafort’s use of the iCloud account. He was backing up his WhatsApp messages to an un-encrypted iCloud account which the agents accessed by obtaining a court order.

Manafort has now paid his price and pled guilty to witness tampering all due to his iCloud Blunder.

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