Apple releases Security Updates for iCloud and iOS


Apple’s security is considered to be one of the best on the Internet but every software has some vulnerability that needs to be fixed and as new features are added every day, the number of vulnerabilities increase which is to be resolved as they are found.

There were found certain vulnerabilities in both iOS 12 and iCloud for Windows which Apple fixed as Apple has just released a new batch of security updates for iOS 12 and iCloud resolving numerous serious vulnerabilities. Continue reading “Apple releases Security Updates for iCloud and iOS”

Apple denies the report of “spy” chips found in iCloud Servers

Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg reported today that about three years ago, Chinese Military started inserting spying microchips on the Supermicro server motherboards whilst they were being engineered in China. These Chips provided Chinese government a stealth and sneaky passageway into any network that used the tampered hardware.

The report quotes an official who said that while investigating, investigators found out that about 30 companies were attacked including Apple, Amazon, along with a major bank and government contractors in the United States.  Continue reading “Apple denies the report of “spy” chips found in iCloud Servers”

How to log in into iCloud?


iCloud is Apple’s service which allows you to make backups on its drive and you can also restore your device or set up a new device from these back-ups whenever you want to.

Along with backups, another useful feature of iCloud is that it is also a sync service meaning that if you allow certain apps and data to be synced with iCloud then you will be able to access that data from your other Apple devices as long as you’re using the same iCloud account. Continue reading “How to log in into iCloud?”

How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?

iCloud-DriveGot yourself a Mac device and want to easily move things between your devices? Well, you can easily do it with the help of Apple’s Cloud service called iCloud.

With the help of iCloud, not only will your files be safe on the iCloud Drive but it will also optimize the storage of your Mac and you will also be able to sync files and documents between your devices. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?”

Paul Manafort and iCloud Blunder

Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty
Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty

Paul Manafort was the political advisor of President Trump in the Elections 2016 and was chairman of his presidential campaign was convicted in the month of August on eight counts of tax and bank fraud has agreed to plead guilty office special counsel.

The obstruction count came from a very unlike source, his iCloud Account and he is said to have owned “20 Apple Devices” which shows his affection for Apple products. Continue reading “Paul Manafort and iCloud Blunder”

How to set up Two-factor authentication for your iCloud Account?

iCloudNowadays, many people complain about their accounts getting hacked and it is not safe to use only a password for any of your accounts as it is easily susceptible to be hacked. However, you can always secure your account through Two-factor authentication which makes your account more secure and less prone to hackers.

Like other services, you can also set up two-factor authentication for your iCloud/Apple account as to make it more safe and secure and your data will also be safe and secure. Continue reading “How to set up Two-factor authentication for your iCloud Account?”

How to obtain information about your other devices through iCloud?

iCloudApple has always been very keen about the security and iCloud is yet another service which glorifies the security of Apple. With the Find My iPhone service, it is assured that in-case your device gets lost, your data is always safe and secure.

iCloud takes another step forward and it stores information about all of the devices that are currently accessing your iCloud Account and you can easily obtain all the useful information about your other devices in just a few taps. Continue reading “How to obtain information about your other devices through iCloud?”

How to stop sharing iCloud analytics data with Apple?

iCloudWith iOS 10, Apple introduced a new feature of sharing iCloud Analytics data so, Apple can improve its products and services by analyzing the iCloud received from their users.

Though most of the users trust Apple with their information, not everyone does and there is a simple way to stop sharing your iCloud Analytics data with Apple so, your data remains to yourself only. Continue reading “How to stop sharing iCloud analytics data with Apple?”