iCloud Head of Communications leaves Apple

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
Laura Newell, Apple’s head of communications for iOS, iCloud, Apple Pay, CarPlay, and Apple News has left Apple and has been hired by Collective Health. She joined the Cupertino based company in 2013.

She is hired by Collective for the same post that she was working at Apple, head of communications and it looks like she is very good at that.

Collective Health is a company that provides a management system for workplace health insurance. Collective was founded in 2013, though it has many famous clients including Restoration Hardware, eBay, Pinterest, ZenDesk, Palantir, Red Bull, and Activision Blizzard.

This leaves behind a workplace in Apple and she was one of the more important PR representatives at Apple and her leaving the job may be a bit worrisome for the company.

In her move from Apple to Collective Health, Newell said that:

“[Healthcare] ought to be simple, transparent, and something that can be trusted. People deserve better than the status quo. I was drawn to [Collective Health’s] passion for challenging that and changing the healthcare experience.”

It is unknown that what made Newell make this leap, but her new position involves handling communication tasks both internal and external among other tasks.

She was leading the iCloud communication tasks very well at Apple, but let’s who will she be replaced by.