How to share custom Siri Shortcuts with others through iCloud?

Siri Shortcuts
With the introduction of iOS 12, Apple bought some new exciting features and one of them is the Shortcuts app. It allows users to create workflows and perform complex tasks with just a single tap.

The Shortcuts app not only gives you access to pre-made Siri shortcuts but also gives you the ability to create custom shortcuts for yourself whenever you want to. It also has support for third-party apps too, so you can create very useful and powerful shortcuts.

Many people don’t know that you can share customized Siri Shortcuts with anyone online and also use their customized Siri Shortcuts too. If you have created a powerful and useful Siri Shortcut and want to share it with your friends then you can do that just by following some simple steps.

How to share custom Siri Shortcut(s) with others through iCloud Link:

  1. On your iOS device(iOS 12 and later), launch the Shortcuts app.
  2. Tap on Library tab.
  3. Find the shortcut that you want to share with your friends and tap on the “” menu button.
  4. Once you are there, tap on Share button just below the title of the shortcut.
  5. From the share menu, tap on “Copy iCloud Link‘”

Once you have the link copied, you can share it with anyone you want to. He/She will be able to open the link and then add this shortcut to their Shortcuts app.

You can also add a custom Siri Shortcut by asking your friends to send you the iCloud link for the Siri Shortcut and you will be able to add it your Shortcuts app.

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