How to remotely check iCloud Activation Lock status?

Find My iPhoneLast year, Apple suddenly disabled the iCloud Activation Lock Status tool. This tool allowed the users to the check that the device they are buying from someone has Find My iPhone feature enabled or not.

This was helpful for users as it provided an easy way for users to find out that the device they are purchasing from anyone online is iCloud unlocked or not i.e Find My iPhone enabled or disabled. It helped the users to not being scammed into buying a stolen or lost device.

When Apple disabled the tool then it came as a surprise that there was no announcement prior to this and there was no easy way to find to find out the iCloud Activation lock status of the device.

However, it turns out that there is indeed a way by which you check the iCloud Activation lock status of a device.

It is a different method as it involves Apple’s Support service and it is meant for users who want to send their iOS device repair but as it turns out, it can also be used to find out the iCloud Activation lock status too.

How to remotely check iCloud Activation Lock status:

To check the iCloud Action Lock Status for any iOS device, follow these steps.

  1. From any browser, visit Apple’s Support Page.
  2. Enter the IMEI # of the device in the Serial Number Box.iCloud Activation Lock -1
  3. After verification, it will you show you some options that you don’t really need.
  4. If the device you are checking for has Activation lock then you will get Sorry but we can’t create a repair while Find my iPhone is active while if you don’t get this error then it means that the device doesn’t have Activation lock and is lock activated.

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