How to prevent iCloud Photo Library to use cellular data?


iCloud Photo Library is a feature that most people fancy to have on their device. It works like this; you take a picture or record a video, and it gets uploaded on to the iCloud Drive and then gets synced to all of your Apple devices and you can access it from any of your device you want to.

However, if you are on a limited data plan or want to save your cellular data then this could take a lot of data.

Before iOS 11, iCloud Photo Library only used Wi-Fi to upload the photos that you take to iCloud and sync them across all of your devices.

With iOS 11, Apple introduced a new feature which allows you to upload the photos or videos you take by using the cellular data.

Now, if you are on a high data plan then this could be useful as the photos/videos you take will instantly get uploaded to iCloud Drive but if you are on a low data plan then this could be problematic.

If you take a lot of high-res photos, videos and also slow-mo videos then it will consume a lot of your data plan and may also completely drain it so, it’s better if you turn off the option which uses your cellular data so, your photos/videos may only get uploaded when you are connected to Wi-Fi.

How to prevent iCloud Photo Library to use cellular data?

  1. Go to Settings > Photos.
  2. Tap on Mobile Data.
  3. Toggle the Mobile Data switch off.

Now, iCloud Photo Library won’t use cellular data to upload photos or videos to iCloud Drive and will only use Wi-Fi to do so but sometimes when you have a slow Wi-Fi connection, then you can enable this option again if you need your photos to sync across other devices.

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