How to obtain information about your other devices through iCloud?

iCloudApple has always been very keen about the security and iCloud is yet another service which glorifies the security of Apple. With the Find My iPhone service, it is assured that in-case your device gets lost, your data is always safe and secure.

iCloud takes another step forward and it stores information about all of the devices that are currently accessing your iCloud Account and you can easily obtain all the useful information about your other devices in just a few taps.

Whether it is Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone or iPad, the useful information about these devices will be shown to you including model, OS version, and serial number for your device. It will also tell you whether Find my device is enabled or not.

How to obtain information about your other devices through iCloud:

  1. Launch the Settings App from your iOS device (iPhone/iPad).
  2. Tap on iCloud Banner(Your Name).
  3. Scroll down and wait for all the devices to appear.
  4. Tap on any device.
  5. It will show complete information for that device including its model, OS version, and serial number.iCloud-Device-Information-1

It will also show that whether Find My iPhone/iPad/Watch is enabled for your device or not.

You can also remove that device from your iCloud Account if you don’t recognize it or want to remove it. To remove any device from your iCloud Account;

  1. Whilst you are on the information page of the device, tap on Remove from Account to remove the device.iCloud-Device-Information-2
  2. A popup will appear asking for confirmation. Tap on Remove to confirm it.
  3. The selected device will now be removed from your iCloud Account.

These are the simple steps by which you get information for any device which is using your iCloud Account in just a few moments. While you are there you can easily remove any device from your account that you don’t recognize.

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