How to move contacts from iPhone to iCloud?

iCloud-ContactsiCloud come in handy in many situations mostly when you need something to move across devices because with iCloud, anything that you back up through any of your devices gets synced across all of your devices and you can access it through your other device just by signing in with your iCloud Account.

Today, we are talking about moving contacts through devices.

On OS X, moving contacts between accounts is really easy. All you have to do is open the Contacts app on OS X. Select the contacts and then drag and drop them over that account. The selected contacts will be moved.

However, that is not the case on iOS. You can not do that on iOS but the solution to that lies in iOS. Via iCloud you can easily move your contacts to iCloud and access them from any other of your Apple device.

Though you may have enabled contacts for your iPhone on the iCloud but still the contacts won’t be appearing on your other Apple device.

The main issue is that in the Contacts app Settings the default account for Contact is set as “On my iPhone” due to which the contacts only remain on your device and don’t sync across other devices.

To solve this issue and move your contacts across other devices, follow these steps.

How to move contacts from iPhone to iCloud?

    1. Launch the Settings App on your iPhone.
    2. Scroll down and tap on Contacts.
    3. Tap on Default Account.
    4. Select iCloud as Default Account.iCloud-Contacts-1
    5. Go back and head to iCloud Settings(Apple ID Banner > iCloud).
    6. Disable Contacts by turning of the switch next to Contacts.
    7. Re-Enable Contacts by turning the switch on.
    8. A confirmation popup will show up asking to merge all contacts with iCloud. Tap on Merge.


  1. A confirmation popup will show up asking whether you want to delete or keep the previously synced contacts.

After this, all of the Contacts will be synced to iCloud account and across other devices.

*Note: ‘Default Account’ may not be visible if you don’t have any contacts outside of your other accounts

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