How to free up Storage Space in iCloud?

iCloud-DriveIf you own an Apple device and have received “iCloud Storage is Full” notifications for some time then it means that you are running out of Storage on iCloud then it’s time that you actually have a look at your files and data stored on iCloud.

How to free up Storage Space in iCloud?

Check how much storage space you have

First, you should check for your storage and see that how much storage you have. The base storage of iCloud is 5 GB which to be honest is not very much and can be filled up easily with some photos and videos.

What you can do is upgrade your storage plan from 5 GB to 50 GB, 200 GB or 2 TB which will do the job and you won’t be receiving iCloud Storage is full notification.

Manage what information is backed up on iCloud

Next thing that you can do is that check all the data that your iCloud is filled with and it is important to not fill your iCloud Drive with useless information or with the same type of information as it will take your storage space.

Backing up on iCloud means that if you ever need to restore your device then you can always back up from there but if you think that you don’t need a backup to restore from then you can delete your backups from iCloud and clear up the storage space.

You can read our tutorial about deleting backups here.

Deleting Excess Information

Deleting excess information can be very useful in this case. iCloud stores all of your files including your text messages, emails, and attachments on your device. If you don’t need these files then you can delete them from iCloud Drive as these files can also take quite a bit of room.

Manage iCloud Photo Library

Having the excess amount of photos and videos on your device and iCloud Drive can take a lot of videos especially the videos. You can manage your iCloud Photo Library to free up storage space. You can delete individual photos and videos and turn on/off Optimize Device Storage in Settings.

Optimizing Device storage will free up space on your device but do remember that it will take a lot of storage space on your iCloud Drive as original sized, full-resolution are stored in iCloud.

So, if you are running out of storage on iCloud then you can turn off the Optimize Device Storage feature to clear up some space from iCloud Drive.

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