How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?

iCloud-DriveGot yourself a Mac device and want to easily move things between your devices? Well, you can easily do it with the help of Apple’s Cloud service called iCloud.

With the help of iCloud, not only will your files be safe on the iCloud Drive but it will also optimize the storage of your Mac and you will also be able to sync files and documents between your devices.

To sync files between your device, you need to enable iCloud Drive. Enabling iCloud Drive on Mac takes just a few seconds. So, let’s get started!

How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?

On your Mac;

  • Click on the System Preferences icon from the Dock. Alternatively, you can also, press Command + Space and type in System and click on System Preferences. The System Preferences window will appear along with several settings.
  • A list of settings will be displayed in the System Preferences window. Click on iCloud to open iCloud Settings.
  • A list of apps will appear on the iCloud Settings window which are synchronized with iCloud. You will find iCloud Drive at the top of the list. Enable iCloud Drive by checking the box next to it to Enable iCloud Drive. You will now be able to transfer stuff to iCloud Drive.
  • Click on Options next to iCloud Drive. A list of apps will appear that store the files and documents via the iCloud app. Make sure that Desktop and Documents Folders option is enabled.
  • After selecting the apps, click on Done.
  • Now select and copy the files that you want to sync across devices. Paste them on the desktop of your Mac. These files will be saved to the iCloud Drive that you are logged in.
  • These files can be accessed on any other device by logging in on the other device using the same iCloud Account.

This is the simple and easy way by which you can enable iCloud Drive on your Mac and also move your files from Mac to your iCloud Drive which can be then accessed from any device.

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