How to download all photos from iCloud?


Once you have stored photos and videos on iCloud Drive, they will be stored there and you can access them from any device when you need it. These photos are stored on the iCloud as long as you need them.

You can directly access the photos and videos from iCloud through any iOS device or you can download the photos from iCloud from through any browser.

The advantage of using to download photos is that you see which photos you have on iCloud and you can access it from any device (Mac or Windows PC).

While the advantage of using the iCloud application is that you can easily download all the photos instead of manually selecting and downloading each photo.

How to download all photos from iCloud

(via Browser)

  1. Log in on using your Apple ID through any browser.
  2. Once you are logged, click on Photos.
  3. Then click on Photos option from the left bar.
  4. To select multiple photos, you can select an entire moment which will select all photos in it.
  5. Then click on the Download button to save the selected Photos in the Downloads folder of your PC.iCloud-Photo-Download-5
  6. After downloading photos, you can delete the photos from the iCloud to clear the iCloud Drive Storage space.
  7. To delete your photos, tap on the Delete button.iCloud-Photo-Download-6

(via iCloud PC Application)

  1. Download and install iCloud for PC.
  2. Open iCloud.
  3. Tap on Options next to the Photos.
  4. Select the Options and the destination folders.
  5. Click on Done.
  6. Click on Apply then.
  7. Open the system tray from the Taskbar.
  8. Right-click on the iCloud icon and then hit Download Photos to start the process.
  9. The photos will to download and will be saved to C:\Users\[USER NAME]\Pictures\iCloud Photos\Downloads
  10. All of your photos will be saved there.

These are two ways by which you can easily download photos. Using the iCloud app is better than using a browser to download as the application downloads all of your photos while through a browser you have to manually select each photo which takes a lot of time.

So, to save your time, it’s better if you use the iCloud app to download photos to your PC.

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