How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?

There is no doubt that iCloud’s Synchronization feature is great and comes in handy but there is a major problem with that. When your Mac runs out of storage then to conserve the storage space, it automatically deletes the local copies of files and storage from your Mac.

Though the file still appears to be available on the hard drive, it is actually present on iCloud Drive and to access that file, your Mac will download that file from the iCloud Drive.

So, when your Mac runs out of storage then any file can be deleted and it will present on iCloud Drive. So, if you have an issue with your Apple ID or iCloud account then you may lose access to those files or it may take some time before you regain access to your account and then download those files.

But there is a simple solution to that. As long as you turn off the Optimize Mac Storage option for your Mac, all of your files would not get deleted when your Mac is running out of storage and you will be able to access them any time you want to.

How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage:

    1. On your Mac device, open iCloud System Preferences.Mac-Opitmize-Storage-3
    2. Click on the Options button next to iCloud Drive.


  1. At the bottom of the window, there will be a checkbox labeled Optimize Mac Storage
  2. Click on the checkbox to turn off this feature.Mac-Opitmize-Storage-2

As long as this feature is enabled, any file from your Mac (If the app it is used by is checked in the Documents Window) can get deleted if your Mac runs out of storage.

So, if you want your files to be stored locally then you can turn off this feature any time you want to though it will come with a drawback and that is storage won’t be optimized automatically.

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