How to delete all Apple Pay Credit Cards via iCloud?

Apple Pay
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Apple Pay is an Apple’s service which allows you to make safe and secure purchases in apps, and on the web and it now evens allows you to send and receive money from friends and family right from the Messages.

Sometimes you need to remove a credit card from Apple Pay which is easy but there is another method which lets you delete credit cards remotely through

The option to remove credit cards from Apple remotely is necessary and important as sometimes any unexpected consequence can happen or if you are resetting your device then a remote wipe to delete cards from Apple Pay is handy.

How to delete all Apple Pay Credit Cards via iCloud?

To delete all of the Apple Pay Credit Cards at once remotely through, follow these steps:

  1. Head over to from your Mac/Windows PC.
  2. Log in into your iCloud account using your email and password.
  3. Once logged in, provide two-factor authentication, if enabled.
  4. Once on the main screen, click on Settings.
  5. Under My Services section, you should see a list of your devices which are using the same iCloud account.
  6. Select the device which has Apple pay set up on it and click on it. (You should also see an Apple Pay icon under that device).
  7. Under the credit cards list, click on Remove All.
  8. Confirm the removal and you are done.

You have now successfully removed all of your Credit Cards from Apple Pay using Although Apple Pay is very secure and safe even when you lose your iPhone, the probability of anything going wrong is very less.

However, this feature comes in handy when anything unexpected happens or you need to remove multiple cards at once from your account as you can delete all of the cards at once in Apple Pay from your iPhone.

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