How to change your iCloud Display Picture?

iCloudNow that iCloud is an essential feature of all of the Apple devices, it is now time that you actually replace your name initials with an actual picture of yourself.

That way, everyone who will interact with you through iCloud, AirDrop, iMessage or through any other Apple service, then they will be able to see your picture.

You will need a good looking picture of yourself. If you don’t have one then you can snap one with your iOS device. Just remember that picture should be plain and simple and your face should be easily visible so everyone will be easily able to recognize you and it will look good in a circle.

How to change your iCloud Display Picture:

To change your display picture, follow these steps.

    1. Go to Settings > (Your Name).
    2. You will see your initials at the center(in my case ER).
    3. Tap on the initials and you will be prompted to take a photo or select one from the Camera Roll.
    4. You can pick any option that you want to.iCloud-Display-Change-1
    5. After selecting your picture, a simple picture editor will show up in which you can scale and crop your photo.
    6. To zoom into the photo, pinch and zoom into the photo if you want to show your face in the circle only.
    7. After cropping your photo, tap on Choose.
    8. Now your Apple ID display picture will be changed.


  1. You can visit the settings app anytime to check out your new display picture or change it.

Now, whenever you will interact with someone through any of the Apple services, your display picture will show instead of your initials.

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