How To change the Email Address assigned to your iCloud Account?

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When you are using an Apple product for the first time then you will be asked to log-in using an Apple ID. This Apple ID will allow you to access your iCloud Account, enable backups, and make App Store & iTunes purchases as well as syncing data between all of your devices.

If you don’t own an Apple ID then you will be asked to create one and creating one is quite simple. In the process, you will be asked for an email address which will be assigned to your iCloud account.

You can either use your existing email account or accept one from Apple’s side. Apple provides email addresses ending, or email address will become your Apple ID/iCloud username and will be used for any communication between you and Apple.

If for some reason you lose access to your email account which is linked to your Apple ID then you always have the option to change it and protect your services such as iCloud given that you are not using an email provided by Apple.

How To change the Email Address assigned to your iCloud Account?

To change your Email Address assigned to your Apple ID/iCloud Account;

  1. Open any web browser from iPhone, iPad, Mac or PC and head over to
  2. Sign in into your Apple ID with your usual Apple ID email and password.
  3. Provide two-factor authentication if you have enabled it for your account.
  4. Once logged in, tap on Account to unveil additional options.
  5. Tap on Change Apple ID.
  6. Now type in the new email address that you want to use as your Apple ID and then hit Next.
  7. Verify the email by entering the code sent to it!

That’s it! You have now changed the email address linked to your Apple ID/iCloud account.

*Note: The new email address can’t be already in use with another Apple ID.

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