Head of iCloud infrastructure technology leaves the company

[Source: TekRevue]
One of Apple’s executives has left the company who was responsible for iCloud’s¬†infrastructure. Eric Billingsley has left Apple who was responsible for Apple’s internet services operation which includes most of iCloud’s services.

Billingsley will be succeeded by Patrick Gates at his position. Patrick Gates is also one of Apple’s executives and was already in-charge of infrastructure for services like Siri but after the departure of Billingsley, his responsibilities will expand,

Billingsley joined Apple in 2013 after having worked at eBay and Google prior to joining Apple.

Billingsley, while his time at Apple reported to VP of engineering Patrick Gautier who further reported to Senior VP Eddy Cue.

The data infrastructure has been a bit of problem for Apple and the company thought that the right way to resolve those problems is Gates.

Currently, Apple relies mostly on other web services like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform(it also relied on Microsoft Azure but replaced by Google Cloud) for its backend.

The departure of Billingsley suggests that Apple could be looking to focus on its own “Project McQueen” instead of relying on these services for iCloud and other data backend infrastructure.

If you’re not familiar with Project McQueen then it is Apple’s move to create its own data backend so, it won’t have to rely on other cloud services like Amazon and Google as it is relying on these services nowadays.

The Project McQueen is just the start of Apple’s infrastructure efforts and it could take a long time before Apple’s finally makes its own cloud platform and doesn’t rely on services of other companies.