Hackers used iCloud to Lock Macs and Demand Money

Find My iPhoneFor modern day technology, Security is one of the most important things. No doubt that Apple has the best security to offer among all the other companies but still sometimes users run into unexpected problems.

Such an incident happened, as reported by MacRumors, several people got their iCloud hacked by hackers. These hackers accessed their iCloud accounts and used the Find My iPhone/Mac to lock their devices.

The hackers changed the passcode of the devices and demanded a certain amount of money from the users before they changed the passcode and send them to the users.

By hacking a user’s iCloud account, the hackers can then use the Find My iPhone feature to lock down the device. Even if the user has two-factor authentication enabled, with the right information the hacker can prevent the real owner from accessing their own device.

According to the report by MacRumors, Apple’s servers were not breached and the users’ information was obtained from any other source such as the sites where the users have the same information(email and password). Therefore, it is important to use different passwords across different sites and services.

The users who had their Mac device impacted by the attack have to wipe their Macs or restore from a backup if they don’t have the code to unlock their machine. If required, they can also ask for assistance from Apple.

[Source: MacRumors]