Find My iPhone feature helps to arrest a convict

Find My iPhoneIf you are familiar with iCloud then you probably must have heard about a feature called Find My iPhone. It is a handy and useful feature which not only helps you to find the precise location of your lost iPhone but also protects your device in case it is restored using iTunes.

It is always a good idea to have Find My iPhone enabled on your iPhone in order to locate it or erase it if something bad happens.

One good thing about Find My iPhone is that it can help you catch the thief without them even knowing about it and such an incident happened on the day after Christmas.

With the help of Find My iPhone feature, a carjacking suspect is now in the prison.

On the night of December 26, the victim Chase Richardson was approached by a man at an intersection. The man was armed with a gun and was banging on the driver’s side window of Richardson’s Honda sedan.

The man was yelling at Richardson to get out of the car and get on the ground. Richardson, being a clever lad placed his iPhone in the center console of his car.

The suspect along with victim’s iPhone took his wallet and ran away with his car.

Richardson then hurried to a nearby Walgreens and called 911. Police responded to him and they quickly managed to track the stolen Honda with the help of Find My iPhone feature.

With the help of a police helicopter, the officers successfully managed to track the suspect and arrest him. The whole incident lasted less than an hour. It is all due to the Find My iPhone feature which helped to arrest a convicted felon.

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