Disadvantages of iCloud


iCloud is a very useful service by Apple and there is no doubt about it. It has all the features that most of the users want in a cloud service. From makingĀ backups to the sync of photos and sharing, all of the features are available in iCloud.

But everything has its good features and some bad features. Though iCloud is very useful and comes in handy most of the times still it has some disadvantages that most of the users must know about.

Here are some of the disadvantages of using iCloud:

  • Requires Internet Connection:

You always need a working internet connection to use any service of iCloud and as this can consume a lot of data so, you better have a fast and working Wi-Fi connection if you were to use any iCloud service, otherwise, just don’t :P.

  • Security:

There has been news about iCloud accounts of people getting hacked and not just hacked but also data being leaked including some private photos and videos.

Not just ordinary people, but celebrities have got their iCloud account hacked which has led to their private stuff getting leaked. So, if you care about your privacy and your private stuff then you shouldn’t rely on iCloud or at least put your private stuff on iCloud.

  • Low Base Storage:

Another reason why many people don’t like iCloud is that its base storage is very low. It offers 5 GB of free iCloud Drive storage to every user which is not even enough to make a full backup of your devices.

Due to the high resolution of photos and videos, their sizes are very high and 5 GB looks very small. As compared to its competitors, you get very low base storage which is let down for many people.

  • Potential Danger of Losing Device’s Data:

Losing or forgetting your iCloud password is a very risky thing because all of the data is associated with that and just in case you lose/forget your password and can not recover then you can potentially lose all of your data and access to your device because if Find My iPhone is enabled then without your password, it may be impossible for you to access your device.

  • Other Media Files not included in the Backup:

Another reason why you shouldn’t rely on iCloud is that it won’t make a backup of your other media files that you have not bought from iTunes Store meaning that all of your other media files won’t be included in your backup, which sucks!

  • Slow Transfer of Files:

The transfer of files is very slow for large files. This has been reported by many users that the transfer of large files is really slow and takes a lot of time. Especially when you have a lot of data on your device or have a slow internet connection. This means that it can take days to restore your device from an iCloud backup or to make a backup on iCloud Drive.

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