Connecticut Man Sent to Prison for 2014 Celebgate scandal

George Garafano, a resident of Connecticut has been sentenced to 8 months of prison for his role in 2014 iCloud Celebgate scandal in which the nude photos of many female celebrities were shared online.

Garafano was accused of hacking over 200 iCloud accounts over the time of 18 months which included multiple accounts of celebrities.

A federal judge in Connecticut sentenced him to eight months of prison which will be followed by supervision for 3 years after being released from the prison.

Garafano pleaded guilty in April of 2018 that he sent phishing emails to his victims by disguising himself as one of Apple’s online security team in order to obtain the usernames and passwords of the victims.

The prosecutors said that he traded the photos that he stole with other hackers and may have sold some of the stolen photos online for money.

The prosecutors were in the view that he should be sentenced to jail for 10 months to 16 months, but the man himself asked for a lenient sentence of 5 months and then 5 months in home confinement.

At the time of the event, Garafano was in college and he says that he has already suffered for the role that he played in 2014 and has “cleaned up his act”.

There were a total of four people that were charged with hacking the iCloud accounts of celebrities.  Other hackers have been sentenced to prison time from 9 months up to 18 months.

When the nude photos of celebrities began leaking then the initial speculation was that iCloud had been hacked but Apple ran an investigation in which Apple found out that the photos were leaked due to the weak passwords.

Apple then improved its iCloud Security by adding two-factor authentication for iCloud accounts and also introduced email alerts when the iCloud account is accessed from an unknown location.