Disadvantages of iCloud


iCloud is a very useful service by Apple and there is no doubt about it. It has all the features that most of the users want in a cloud service. From makingĀ backups to the sync of photos and sharing, all of the features are available in iCloud.

But everything has its good features and some bad features. Though iCloud is very useful and comes in handy most of the times still it has some disadvantages that most of the users must know about. Continue reading “Disadvantages of iCloud”

Why should you use iCloud?

iCloudiCloud is one of the best services that Apple has to offer and no doubt it is a great service. It allows you to do all the basic things that you want to on a cloud storage service. All the basic things are available on iCloud and iCloud is one of the most used cloud services in the world.

But why should use iCloud instead of other cloud services? What’s so unique about iCloud that most of the Apple users recommend it? Well, let’s find out. Continue reading “Why should you use iCloud?”