Paul Manafort and iCloud Blunder

Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty
Paul Manafort -Alex Wong/Getty

Paul Manafort was the political advisor of President Trump in the Elections 2016 and was chairman of his presidential campaign was convicted in the month of August on eight counts of tax and bank fraud has agreed to plead guilty office special counsel.

The obstruction count came from a very unlike source, his iCloud Account and he is said to have owned “20 Apple Devices” which shows his affection for Apple products. Continue reading “Paul Manafort and iCloud Blunder”

iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!

iCloud-MemojiiOS 12 is the latest iteration and was just released publicly but Apple has also released iOS 12.1 beta for developers. Though it may seem very soon for the release of beta software but the software is never really completed. There is always something missing or a bug due to which it is never completed.

So, it makes sense that why has Apple rolled out the first beta of iOS 12.1 so the developers can review the bugs and fix them and try out the new features too. Continue reading “iCloud syncing may be coming soon for Memojis!”

Voice Memos get iCloud Support with iOS 12

iCloud-Voice-MemosiOS 12 is just about to be released and there are coming various new features with it, most of which are performance related to making the iOS experience smoother, faster and better than before.

A feature that is noteworthy is that the Voice Memos app is completely redesigned and new features are added to it. It is also coming to iPad and is also getting iCloud Support so, you can record and sync your voice notes across other devices. Continue reading “Voice Memos get iCloud Support with iOS 12”

Apple to offer free 200 GB of iCloud Storage before the 2018 iPhone Launch


According to some recent reports, Apple is expected to offer 200 GB of free iCloud Drive Storage for two months.

Apple is expected to unveil their new smartphone line iPhone 2018, in the next month and just a few weeks before the release of the new iPhone, several reports suggest that Apple is offering 200 GB of free iCloud storage for two months as a promotional offer.

This offer, however, will be exclusively for the U.S customers and it will be available to customers of the top 4 wireless carriers, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile. Continue reading “Apple to offer free 200 GB of iCloud Storage before the 2018 iPhone Launch”