How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?

iCloud-DriveGot yourself a Mac device and want to easily move things between your devices? Well, you can easily do it with the help of Apple’s Cloud service called iCloud.

With the help of iCloud, not only will your files be safe on the iCloud Drive but it will also optimize the storage of your Mac and you will also be able to sync files and documents between your devices. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on Mac and sync files between devices?”

How to recover deleted files from iCloud?(Mac)

iCloud-DeleteFor users, Apple has been very discreet. Always giving users the minimum access over the things. Though it is not bad that users are not given full access due to security, at least they should be given the basic access to the files.

With basic access, I mean that users should be able to locate the files, move them and recover them if lost or deleted. Though Photos and Videos can be recovered still there are many other files and documents besides Photos and Videos. Continue reading “How to recover deleted files from iCloud?(Mac)”

How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?

There is no doubt that iCloud’s Synchronization feature is great and comes in handy but there is a major problem with that. When your Mac runs out of storage then to conserve the storage space, it automatically deletes the local copies of files and storage from your Mac.

Though the file still appears to be available on the hard drive, it is actually present on iCloud Drive and to access that file, your Mac will download that file from the iCloud Drive. Continue reading “How to disable iCloud’s Optimize Mac Storage?”

How to download files from iCloud Drive? (

iCloud-DriveNot only is iCloud a good sync and backup service but you can also store your files and document on your iCloud Drive. These files and documents remain safe and secure on the iCloud Drive as long as you want them to.

You may be thinking that iCloud is not like other services. You don’t get the freedom as you get in other services. Yes, you don’t really get the freedom but still, your files and documentsĀ can be accessed by you any time you want to. Continue reading “How to download files from iCloud Drive? (”

How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?

iCloud-DriveApple iCloud is a little trick of magic that not only stores your data but also sync your data across other devices. iCloud not only supports the stock iOS apps but it also supports third-party apps too meaning that these apps can also use iCloud Drive to store data.

But not every app need to store its data and consume the storage of iCloud Drive. You can individually select which apps can use iCloud Drive and which can not. Continue reading “How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?”

How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?

iCloud-DriveFor many years, Apple really had no solution for their file and document across different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But the solution for that is iCloud Drive by which you can manage your files and documents across different devices.

If you have an iCloud account then you can start using iCloud Drive right now. In the start, all users get 5 GB of free storage space which is very low but for some files and documents, it could be enough. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?”

How to share files stored on iCloud Drive?

iCloud-File-SharingiCloud is getting better day by day and now its features are quite useful. You can now easily share files that you have stored on iCloud Drive with anyone who has an Apple ID.

Whether it is Mac or an iPhone, file sharing is available through any of the Apple devices. Once you share it with people, you can choose that whether they can only access the file or modify it. Continue reading “How to share files stored on iCloud Drive?”

How to Backup your iPhone using iCloud?

iCloud Backup

Backing up your iPhone isn’t simple like other Android devices. You can’t simply just copy your stuff. You either have to connect your device to a Windows PC or Mac and back up using iTunes or you can back up your device using iCloud.

When you back up using a PC or Mac then it takes a little time and your stuff easily gets stored, safe and secure. If you don’t have a PC or a Mac then you can use iCloud to make a backup of your devices. Continue reading “How to Backup your iPhone using iCloud?”

How to share iCloud storage with family members?


iCloud is a very beneficial and useful service which Apple has given to its users and you can now not only share and sync photos with your other devices but you can also share your storage space of iCloud Drive with your family members.

You must be on either 200 GB orĀ  2 TB subscription plan to share your iCloud drive storage with up to 5 of your family members. Continue reading “How to share iCloud storage with family members?”