How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?

iCloud-DriveApple iCloud is a little trick of magic that not only stores your data but also sync your data across other devices. iCloud not only supports the stock iOS apps but it also supports third-party apps too meaning that these apps can also use iCloud Drive to store data.

But not every app need to store its data and consume the storage of iCloud Drive. You can individually select which apps can use iCloud Drive and which can not. Continue reading “How to control apps’ access to iCloud Drive?”

How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?

iCloud-DriveFor many years, Apple really had no solution for their file and document across different devices such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac. But the solution for that is iCloud Drive by which you can manage your files and documents across different devices.

If you have an iCloud account then you can start using iCloud Drive right now. In the start, all users get 5 GB of free storage space which is very low but for some files and documents, it could be enough. Continue reading “How to enable iCloud Drive on your iPhone/iPad?”

Disadvantages of iCloud


iCloud is a very useful service by Apple and there is no doubt about it. It has all the features that most of the users want in a cloud service. From making backups to the sync of photos and sharing, all of the features are available in iCloud.

But everything has its good features and some bad features. Though iCloud is very useful and comes in handy most of the times still it has some disadvantages that most of the users must know about. Continue reading “Disadvantages of iCloud”

Why should you use iCloud?

iCloudiCloud is one of the best services that Apple has to offer and no doubt it is a great service. It allows you to do all the basic things that you want to on a cloud storage service. All the basic things are available on iCloud and iCloud is one of the most used cloud services in the world.

But why should use iCloud instead of other cloud services? What’s so unique about iCloud that most of the Apple users recommend it? Well, let’s find out. Continue reading “Why should you use iCloud?”

How to turn off Location sharing through iCloud?

iCloud-LocationLike many features of iCloud, there is a feature by which you can actually share your current location with your friends and family or anyone else who is using an Apple device.

This feature can be handy in some situations that you actually want to share your location with someone and with this feature, your location will be shared instantly with that person,¬†given that you enabled this feature. Continue reading “How to turn off Location sharing through iCloud?”

How to save attachments from emails to iCloud Drive?

iCloud-EmailA few years ago, iCloud wasn’t that much popular and it was due to the reasons that it had less to offer and people didn’t use cloud storage back then but now iCloud is used by many of the Apple users due to the fact that it stores your data and storing anything on iCloud Drive is easy.

It just takes a few seconds to save anything from your photos/videos to email attachments. All of this stuff that you store on iCloud Drive remains safe there and you can access it anytime you want to. Continue reading “How to save attachments from emails to iCloud Drive?”

How to backup your WhatsApp messages to iCloud?

iCloud-WhatsAppWhatsApp is currently one of the most popular messaging apps and is also one of the best messaging apps. The reason behind that is that it has all of the features that a good messaging app should have.

Such a feature is the ability to make backups of your conversations. In iOS, you can make a backup of your conversation on iCloud and restore from those backups anytime you want. Continue reading “How to backup your WhatsApp messages to iCloud?”