Australian teen faces charges over stealing 90 GB iCloud data

Apple Servers
[Source: Apple]
An Australian teenager belonging to Melbourne is facing criminal charges over accessing Apple’s iCloud data multiple times a year as reported by an Australian newspaper.

According to his attorney, the teenager did all of this out of his love for the company and he dreamed of working at the company someday.

The teenager managed to download about 90 Gigabytes of data which included secure files and customers accounts but it’s unclear that what part of Apple’s network he accessed.

It is reported that he made multiple backdoors in order to gain access and evaded from detection until his parents’ house was raided which exposed a bunch of stolen files from Apple’s network and instruction saved in a folder “hacky hack hack.”

The police seized a phone, a laptop, and two laptops from the teenagers. According to the report, the teenager relied on some sort of software which helped him to gain access but it is not clear that what exactly did the software do. The teenager had pleaded guilty and has been sentenced.

This isn’t the first time that such an incident has occurred and hackers have drawn data from Apple’s server. The most famous scandal was back in 2014 when hackers accessed multiple iCloud accounts of female celebrities and leaked their private nude photos.

It is not known that whether the Australian hacker used an old method to gain access or found a new way to hack into Apple’s servers.