Apple will let users download their iCloud data to comply with new European laws

[Source: TekRevue]
To comply with European Union new laws, Apple is changing its privacy policies. This move will satisfy the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation and the most notable change is that Apple is finally offering a way to download all the data stored on iCloud servers.

The users’ personal iCloud data will be accessible through Apple ID Web Portal and users will be able to correct their personal information, deactivate their account, or delete their account entirely.

This option was available before, but not to everyone. People had to contact Apple and request for their personal information, but now every user will be able to download their data from the Apple ID Web Portal.

Before this move, the ability to get your data, correct it, or delete your account was available in various location or could have been done by calling AppleCare. With the new move, this all will be available in Apple ID Portal.

One of Apple’s representatives said that the new EU law corresponds with Apple’s privacy policy and is somewhat similar to that. This move will also give the company an opportunity to provide users with more control over their personal data stored on Apple’s servers.

Along with the European Union, the users living in the United States will now also be able to download their personal data stored on Apple’s servers.