Apple to offer free 200 GB of iCloud Storage before the 2018 iPhone Launch


According to some recent reports, Apple is expected to offer 200 GB of free iCloud Drive Storage for two months.

Apple is expected to unveil their new smartphone line iPhone 2018, in the next month and just a few weeks before the release of the new iPhone, several reports suggest that Apple is offering 200 GB of free iCloud storage for two months as a promotional offer.

This offer, however, will be exclusively for the U.S customers and it will be available to customers of the top 4 wireless carriers, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile.

This promotional offer may also be available for the new users who will buy the new upcoming iPhone but it won’t be available for the users who are already subscribed to the iCloud premium plans.

According to a thread on Reddit, the offer will be available for only a limited period of time and after the promotional offer ends, i.e after two months, then the users will be charged the regular fee of $2.99/month.

However, nothing has been confirmed yet by Apple but they might give users such a promotional offer in order to lure them to buy any of the new iPhone 2018.

The free storage space that Apple offers to every user is 5 GB but back in May this year, Apple introduced a new offer which gives you free one-month iCloud storage trials for all of its three premium offerings.

After that, you will have to pay for the regular fee which is 0.99$ for 50 GB, 2.99$ for 200 GB and 9.99$ for 2TB.


It won’t be a surprise that Apple won’t do such a thing in order to increase their sales this year as compared to last year. As Apple had a downfall in their sales last year as we compare it to previous years.

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