Apple shares new developer tools for management of iCloud Data

Apple Inc
[Source: Apple]
In order to comply with EU GRPR rules, Apple is sharing new tools that will help the developers to manage the user data stored in iCloud.

Apple will supply a set of tools to the developers which will allow the users to manage their data stored in iCloud, export that data or delete it. This will be done with the help of new Web APIs and native app.

Apple says on its support page that:

“When a user requests a copy of the data associated with their AppleĀ ID, it includes only the data that Apple maintains directly, such as documents in iCloud Drive. Data stored in third-party CloudKit containers are not included in any export that Apple provides. Developers should provide their own method for users to get a copy of data stored in their CloudKit containers.”

This means that Apple will only provide the users with the data that it has stored on iCloud Drive while for the other third-party data that is stored in CloudKit containers, developers will have to provide their own method so, users can the get the third-party data stored in CloudKit containers.

Another functionality that Apple will provide is that the ability to restrict data. This means that if a user disables his/her Apple ID temporarily for a while then the user’s account will be locked and no new data will be sent to the iCloud Drive until the user reactivates their account.

“To allow users to restrict their account in your app, use the restrict API provided by CloudKit Web Services to temporarily restrict a specific CloudKit container. If a user temporarily restricts a specific container, existing CloudKit APIs will also return errors that you’ll need to handle.”

Apple was forced by EU’s law to share these developers tool but they will beĀ useful to all the users around the world.