Apple retaining deleted iCloud notes past the 30-day delete period

iCloud NotesThe Russian software company, ElcomSoft has been popular for a quite while and has been in headlines for making discoveries on how the iCloud data is handled by Apple.

The company made another claim that Apple is retaining the deleted notes which are well past the third-day grace period during which they are kept in the “Recently Deleted” folder.

In a blog post, the company explains that how using its Phone Breaker tool resulted in extraction of notes that were well outside the third-day grace period.

“We discovered that Apple apparently retains in the cloud copies of the users’ notes that were deleted by the user. Granted, deleted notes can be accessed on for some 30 days through the “Recently Deleted” folder; this is not it.

We discovered that deleted notes are actually left in the cloud way past the 30-day period, even if they no longer appear in the “Recently Deleted” folder.”

The company also wrote that with its tool, they were able to extract about 50 notes which had been deleted by the users over a month ago and Apple had still those stored on iCloud servers.

In fact, the oldest note retrieved from iCloud servers was from 2012 which means that Apple is holding on to deleted notes for much longer than it should be and it not clear that why it is doing so.

ElcomSoft cited that the results of extraction from iCloud servers were varying on an account-by-account basis, with some accounts holding a large number of notes while others holding a few or none.

To get in-depth of this issue and know the full breadth of this issue, the company says it will have to test it on a larger base.

ElcomSoft has made several other discoveries regarding Apple that how it handles data in iCloud such as reporting that Apple was storing more web records in iCloud than it should be.