Apple releases Security Updates for iCloud and iOS


Apple’s security is considered to be one of the best on the Internet but every software has some vulnerability that needs to be fixed and as new features are added every day, the number of vulnerabilities increase which is to be resolved as they are found.

There were found certain vulnerabilities in both iOS 12 and iCloud for Windows which Apple fixed as Apple has just released a new batch of security updates for iOS 12 and iCloud resolving numerous serious vulnerabilities. These vulnerabilities are not just simple vulnerabilities but some serious ones.

As for iOS, the latest security update resolved the two passcode bypasses and as for iCloud, the update fixed some serious and critical vulnerabilities.

As far as iCloud is concerned the vulnerabilities were found inside the Windows version of the app and Apple fixed as many as 19 vulnerabilities. Out of these 19 vulnerabilities, 13 were most serious and critical as they allowed arbitrary code execution.

Apple released the iCloud 7.7.12 for Windows to patch these security vulnerabilities.

Any code execution vulnerability is always critical and dangerous as they allow hackers to execute their own commands on a device remotely which causes a lot of problems. So, these type of vulnerabilities is always to be fixed as soon as possible.

The 19 vulnerabilities Apple patched for iCloud for Windows are assigned following CVE IDs:

CVE-2018-4191, CVE-2018-4311, CVE-2018-4316, CVE-2018-4299, CVE-2018-4323, CVE-2018-4328, CVE-2018-4358, CVE-2018-4359, CVE-2018-4319, CVE-2018-4309, CVE-2018-4197, CVE-2018-4306, CVE-2018-4312, CVE-2018-4314, CVE-2018-4315, CVE-2018-4317, CVE-2018-4318, CVE-2018-4345, and CVE-2018-4361.

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