Apple Increases Free iCloud Storage for Students to 200GB

[Source: Apple]
In an education event in Chicago, Apple announced that it is increasing the amount of free iCloud Storage. Now, students will be able to get 200 GB of free iCloud Storage through their special Apple IDs instead of standard 5 GB.

It will be a considerable upgrade from the standard 5 GB of iCloud storage to 200 GB of iCloud Storage and for students, it is a very good initiative taken by Apple

Unlike the Apple Music Student discount where any student with a .edu email is eligible for the discount, the new 200 GB storage plans are for the students which are provided specific Apple ID by their respective schools.

Apple also announced ClassKit and Classwork App and Apple is also encouraging the schools to dive into the upgrade and push the students towards the 200 GB storage upgrade.

Apple has always been giving special discounts to the students and this is a special offer for students as 200 GB of iCloud Storage will be more than enough for the students but one downside about it is that only specific students with special Apple IDs provided to the students by their schools.

As for the regular users and students, they will be limited to the standard 5 GB of free iCloud Storage.