Apple can remove purchases from your iCloud account

iTunes StoreThere have been users reporting that certain movies that they bought on iTunes Store got disappeared. Though you fully pay Apple for purchases they can remove them from your account any time they want to.

One such reported that he had bought some movies but recently he couldn’t find those movies in his iCloud account. He contacted Apple and below is the response from Apple.

After that, the user was offered with two movie rentals and not full refund which makes no sense.

Though DVDs may feel too old school for nowadays at least no one can take them away from you any time they want.

Most users do know that buying anything with digitals rights doesn’t mean buying anything but rather it means renting that thing for an unspecified amount of time until the company loses its distribution rights.

It means that nothing you buy online is actually yours but you actually rent that thing. Like in this case, you will have the movies all long as Apple has the right to distribute them but the moment Apple loses the rights to distribute those movies or any other media that you have bought, it could be removed from your account without you getting notified.


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