Another suspect plead guilty of accessing over 200 iCloud accounts in 2014


In 2014, there was a security breach of iCloud which allowed pictures of many celebrities to be leaked through iCloud and now a fifth person has stepped forward to plead guilty about his role in unauthorized access to the iCloud Accounts of celebrities.

Cristopher Brannan admitted that he illegally accessed over 200 iCloud, Yahoo, and Facebook accounts downloaded personal information and media from those accounts including pictures and videos.

Like other people who plead guilty of being involved in 2014’s Celebgate, Brannan used a combination of security question and fake support email to gain access to the celebrities accounts.

After gaining access, he would use a software to download the complete information of those iCloud accounts from Apple’s servers and then trade account information, pictures, and videos to other people online.

In addition to illegally accessing celebrities accounts, the former also used similar ways to access the account of his sister-in-law who at that time was a minor. Along with that, he also illegally gained access to accounts of former and current teachers at Lee-Davis High School in Virginia, where he worked himself until 2015.

As for the sentence, Brannan has been sentenced to a 34-month prison sentence which will start from January 25th from next year.  He is also labeled as a sex offender which according to his attorney he should not have been.

Brannan’s attorney said that:

“He was lonely, not socially active, and essentially replacing his own lack of social interaction with the viewing of photos of the lives of others.”

Brannan pled guilty to computer and identify-theft charges only.

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