Amazon Echo gets iCloud Calendar Support

iCloud-Calendar-AlexaBefore the release of Apple’s Home Pod, Amazon updated its working and now Amazon’s Alexa App can link iCloud Calendars to enable Amazon Echo integration.

This means that iCloud Calendar is now available for Amazon Echo ecosystem and users can activate Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa to ask about upcoming events in their calendars or add calendar entries in their iCloud Calendar with voice commands and they will sync across other iCloud connected devices.

Once an entry will be done by the user, the calendar events or appointments will show up in the Apple iCloud Calendar just like a Siri-added entry.

Initially, iCloud Calendar support will be for three regions; the US, UK, and Germany. Amazon says that Alexa will work with other platforms too such as G Suite accounts, Gmail accounts, and Outlook accounts.

According to Amazon, iCloud Calendars was a top requested feature from the users and most users need their calendar on virtual assistant too.

Users can link their iCloud account through the settings of Alexa’s mobile app. Depending on your settings, you may also need to¬†use Apple’s two-factor authentication process in order to sync your iCloud Calendar across Amazon’s Echo devices.

Once that’s done, you can then ask from Alexa for your upcoming schedule and events or also tell Alexa to add a new calendar entry.