Alleged hacker threatens to sell details of 319 milion iCloud users

iCloudAn alleged hacker named Kerem Albayrak, 21, who is an IT analyst threatened to sell the personal information of 319 million iCloud Users.

Kerem filmed himself while accessing the hacked accounts and then posted the video on YouTube.

The hacker demanded as much as $174,000 worth of Bitcoin and $1,100 iTunes vouchers in order to call off his plan of selling the information of those accounts.

Kerem Albayrak is a Turkish who works as a freelancer and has founded two firms; Vasinity Digital and Verticle Media.

He appeared at Westminster magistrates’ court in London and was charged with a count of blackmail and two counts of¬†unauthorized acts with intent to impair the operation of a computer.

However, he is yet to appeal against the court’s order.

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