A new tool can extract Health Data from iCloud

Health Icon iOSApple constantly makes use of cloud sync and is also expanding this feature as well as the amount of information synchronized with iCloud. Starting with iOS 11, Apple expanded this and began to synchronize Health Data with iCloud.

Due to this synchronization, the Health Data is available across all of the Apple devices which are running the same iCloud account.

A new software called Elcomsoft Phone Breaker is a forensic extraction toll which has the ability to extract a user’s Health Data stored in iCloud, becoming the one and the only tool to extract this information from the iCloud.

Along with Health data, the tool can also extract other information such as call logs, photo libraries, passwords, and messages.

For Apple, due to end-to-end encryption, it is almost impossible to provide Health data to law enforcement agencies or GDPR and if the device is damaged or not available physically then it may not be possible to extract Health data.

Elcomsoft’s tool extracts a user’s Health Data stored on the iCloud but it does require Apple ID credentials along with the two-factor authentication code.

The tool extracts significantly more information when entering an unlocked device than a locked device.

In some cases, Health data may not employ any additional encryption so, a device’s passcode is not always required to fetch the information but entering the lock screen passcode will significantly help retrieve more information.

Health can be a vital piece of evidence as it contains Heartrate, Sleeping Habits, Location Points, Workouts, Steps and Walking routines information along with several other things.

Apple’s Health App is installed on all the iPhones and starting with iOS 11, this information is also synced to iCloud.

This is the first time that a software can easily extract data from Apple’s iCloud.

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