How to log in into iCloud?


iCloud is Apple’s service which allows you to make backups on its drive and you can also restore your device or set up a new device from these back-ups whenever you want to.

Along with backups, another useful feature of iCloud is that it is also a sync service meaning that if you allow certain apps and data to be synced with iCloud then you will be able to access that data from your other Apple devices as long as you’re using the same iCloud account. Continue reading “How to log in into iCloud?”

How to disable and delete Siri’s data in iCloud?

SiriSiri, the virtual assistant offered by Apple learns through trial and experience method. It leans how you use it on your device and then offers you suggestions accordingly.

If you have allowed Siri access to iCloud then you will get the same experience across all of your synced devices. Let’s say that you are using the same iCloud account on an iOS and macOS device. Siri will use learning on both of the devices to provide the same personalized suggestions on both the devices. Continue reading “How to disable and delete Siri’s data in iCloud?”

How to export iWork Documents from iCloud?

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iWork is Apple’s office suite of applications that it created for iOS, macOS and also iCloud. It includes Keynote, Pages, and Numbers. iWork had been opening up, closing down, and opening up again for the developers due to some reason but now iWork for iCloud is now available for all users.

iWork has some exciting features such as the ability to work on Keynote to create presentations, word processing on Pages and spreadsheets on Numbers. Continue reading “How to export iWork Documents from iCloud?”

How to sync your Health Data with iCloud?

Health Icon iOSStarting with iOS 11, Apple allows you to sync your health data to iCloud. With iCloud sync, your health data will be up-to-date and backed up across all of your Apple devices.

With iCloud, various health data will be synced across all of your devices including heart rate information, step counts, elevation, and sleep tracking. Along with this, it will also sync Medical ID, Activity Rings, Workouts, Stand Hours, Activity achievements, etc. Continue reading “How to sync your Health Data with iCloud?”

Apple releases new update for iCloud for Windows with security patches

iCloud-for-WindowsiCloud for Windows is a software by which you can manage all of the files and other data stored on your iCloud Drive from your Windows PC. With iCloud for Windows, all of your photos, videos, mail, calendar, files, and other important information will be available to you on the go and on your Windows PC.

Apple just released the latest version of iCloud for Windows which has patches for several security fixes. iCloud for Windows 7.9 is the latest version of the iCloud for Windows and Apple released it to fix several bugs. Continue reading “Apple releases new update for iCloud for Windows with security patches”

Super Micro found no evidence of iCloud spy chips after audit

Super Micro MotherboardIn a letter to its customers, Super Micro has again denied Bloomberg’s reports about any chips inside its motherboards used by Apple in its iCloud servers. Super Micro reached out to its customer by a letter saying that the promised audit is now complete and there is no evidence whatsoever of the attack in the hardware or the software.

Nardell & Co, a third-party audit firm was given the task for the audit and it not only looked at the engineering documents but it also tested the sample motherboards which were not only in the production but also the motherboards which were supplied to Apple and Amazon.  Continue reading “Super Micro found no evidence of iCloud spy chips after audit”

Apple releases an unscheduled update of iCloud for Windows

iCloud-for-WindowsDue to major incompatibility issue of iCloud for Windows with the latest update of Windows 10, Apple released an update for iCloud only a few days ago and now, there has been an unscheduled iCloud for Windows update released by Apple and is now available for download.

In addition to the usual bug fixes, this updates also comes with several security fixes and users who are running an older version of iCloud on their Windows PC should install this update as soon as possible as they will less vulnerable to security threats. Continue reading “Apple releases an unscheduled update of iCloud for Windows”

How To change the Email Address assigned to your iCloud Account?

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When you are using an Apple product for the first time then you will be asked to log-in using an Apple ID. This Apple ID will allow you to access your iCloud Account, enable backups, and make App Store & iTunes purchases as well as syncing data between all of your devices.

If you don’t own an Apple ID then you will be asked to create one and creating one is quite simple. In the process, you will be asked for an email address which will be assigned to your iCloud account. Continue reading “How To change the Email Address assigned to your iCloud Account?”

A new tool can extract Health Data from iCloud

Health Icon iOSApple constantly makes use of cloud sync and is also expanding this feature as well as the amount of information synchronized with iCloud. Starting with iOS 11, Apple expanded this and began to synchronize Health Data with iCloud.

Due to this synchronization, the Health Data is available across all of the Apple devices which are running the same iCloud account. Continue reading “A new tool can extract Health Data from iCloud”