How to log in into iCloud?


iCloud is Apple’s service which allows you to make backups on its drive and you can also restore your device or set up a new device from these back-ups whenever you want to.

Along with backups, another useful feature of iCloud is that it is also a sync service meaning that if you allow certain apps and data to be synced with iCloud then you will be able to access that data from your other Apple devices as long as you’re using the same iCloud account. Continue reading “How to log in into iCloud?”

How to Request a Copy of Your iCloud Account Data?

iCloudApple is one of those companies that is always concerned for the data of its customers and is always trying to protect that data. Now, Apple is also allowing its customers to download a copy of their iCloud data from Apple’s servers.

The iCloud data may include app purchases, Apple Music and Game Center statistics, AppleCare support history, and any other data stored on iCloud servers such as Photos, Files, Documents or Calendars. Continue reading “How to Request a Copy of Your iCloud Account Data?”

iCloud for Windows having incompatibility issues with Windows 10 latest update

iCloud-for-WindowsMicrosoft recently released the Windows 10 October 2018 Update which had a lot of issues, the main being users’ files getting deleted but now Microsoft has decided that it will block the update on devices which are not compatible with the update.

Microsoft is blocking the update on devices which have an incompatible version of iCloud for Windows (version installed. In a support document, Microsoft says that Apple has identified the issue of iCloud and is working to fix the issue. Continue reading “iCloud for Windows having incompatibility issues with Windows 10 latest update”

How to Enable Messages in iCloud on Mac?

iCloud-MessagesMessages in iCloud feature along with iOS is also available on the latest versions of Mac OS. If you don’t know about Messages in iCloud then it is a feature introduced this year by Apple which allows the Messages to updated across all of your Apple devices through the iCloud Syncing feature.

Considering that you are using the same Apple ID on all of your devices, your Messages will now sync through iCloud and if you delete a message from one of your devices then it will be removed from other devices too.

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Several users locked out of their iCloud Accounts

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A large number of users on Twitter reported about their iCloud accounts that their iCloud accounts got locked down overnight.

There is nothing confirmed that what caused this incident to happen. The thing that most of us are interested in including me to find out what was the cause but most importantly most people want to get back into their accounts.

Despite this wave of a serious issue, Apple’s System Status page has not shown any problems with Apple ID.

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How to restore Apple watch from an iCloud Backup?

Apple Watch
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If you use iCloud Backup on your iPhone and you had paired your Apple Watch to your iPhone then an automatic backup would have been created when you last unpaired your Watch.

If you use iTunes then it will also create an automatic backup but it will only include all of the data of the backup if iTunes Backups are encrypted. Continue reading “How to restore Apple watch from an iCloud Backup?”

How to disable iCloud Music Library on iPhone?

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Apple Music is one of the best music streaming services and is really giving a hard time to its competitors out there. With iCloud Music Library, you can easily keep all your music in sync across all of your devices so, you can listen to your songs from any device you want to.

iCloud Music Library is really useful if most of your music comes from iTunes Store or Apple Music. With iCloud Music Library, you can your music across all of your devices whenever and wherever you want to.

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Apple iCloud services back up after being down

iCloudApple’s iCloud services experienced a major outage in which users were having problems accessing iCloud based apps and services such as Find My iPhone, Notes.  On the Apple’s System Status page, about 21 services related to iCloud were experiencing some sort of issue.iCloud-Services-Down

The outage affected Apple’s key services like iCloud Drive, iCloud Backup and some other productivity apps that sync using the iCloud platform.

Apart from major services like iCloud Drive and Find My iPhone being affected, there were other apps and services too that rely on Apple’s iCloud secure platform were affected including iCloud Keychain and account sign in for all the Apple devices.

After about two hours, the services were fully restored. The outage occurred on 11:51 PM ET(23-10-18) and the services were restored at 1:55 AM ET after being down for more than two hours.